Learn How PurelyB is Committed to Social Impact & Employment

Our mission goes far beyond just improving the lives and nutrition of our customers and readers; PurelyB is committed to improving the livelihoods of struggling, marginalised communities, and preserving the herbal industry in Malaysia and Southeast Asia as well.  

PurelyB is proudly creating jobs in some of the poorest communities in the region, including Narathiwat, Thailand, and Malaysia. Working hand in hand with local women, we’re able to bring you the best, highest-quality product while making a positive impact on undervalued communities.  

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See How PurelyB is Playing a Part in Environmental Sustainability

PurelyB is 100% committed to serving as a champion for environmental sustainability and contributing to a healthy planet for years to come! Due to environmental concerns, we have made the conscious decision to discontinue our single sachet packaging and have moved towards a more eco-friendly, recyclable cannister.  

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