Your Ultimate Relax & Restore Self Care Wellness Kit

We know 2020 has been tough and you deserve some serious self care. A type of self care that's relaxing yet deeply restorative for your body, mind & soul. Meet The Relax & Restore Self Care Wellness Kit.

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It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. It’s necessary.”  - Mandy Hale


We designed this Relax & Restore Self Care Wellness Package with you in mind. You have had to juggle a lot of curveballs &  unexpected occurrences all year long. We know you have been trying to balance it all - home, work & family. We realise that you need a breather - a space and time all for yourself, to not only relax at the surface level, because that isn’t good enough, but to heal your body from the inside & out. 

With that in mind  Relax & Restore serves to do more. It serves you to relax your physical body, but also help you to release the mental knots in your mind, and allow your soul to go to a place of deep restoration. Because at PurelyB, we believe in the holistic approach to life, one that takes into consideration your whole self - body, mind & soul.

Sorry we are sold out, Be the first to hear from us when we are back in stock

Here are the key benefits you will experience with Relax & Restore

Relaxation - The goal is for you to first calm yourself & then relax your mind. When your mind is relaxed, our body can follow. When our bodies soften as a result of relaxation, our nervous system can begin to slow down. As a result of the mind & body relaxation, your soul can then follow. 

Nourishment - Once we relax, nourishment can happen. We nourish our bodies through food on a daily basis, but what about our minds & soul? This is probably the most important kind of nourish because it is where true sustenance is. When you’re in a state of deep relaxation and then nourish yourself from there, that is where the magic happens. This is where changes begin to take place.

Restoration - When we are nourished, we allow the body to do its job of self restoration. This phase of deep restoration boosts our immunity levels, regulates our heart rate & blood pressure, puts us back into homeostasis & when self-healing can take place. Restoration of the body keeps us energized, looking fresh & looking youthful. Because we know you need some true restoration and are ready to receive it.


Pegaga by PurelyB (180g)

This traditional asian superfood blend will help cleanse, detox and nourish your body inside out. With pegaga (gotu kola) the herb of longevity’ mixed with turmeric leaf, papaya leaf, habbatus sauda, green apples and dates, these powerful tropical healing herbs are proven to support mental health and act as a cognitive enhancer. Some of the benefits include reduced anxiety and stress, improved energy and focus, great skin health, digestion and strong immunity. Mix our Pegaga superfood with warm water and honey for a calming effect on your body and improve sleep.

Bach Flower ‘Love & Positivity’ Face & Body Mist Spray (30ml)

This powerful remedy made from flowers can help balance your emotional state, uplift your energy, restore happiness and joy. Spray your face and body as often as desired for emotional healing, warmth & deep emotional balance

Rose Quartz Crystal

The heart stone, a crystal of unconditional love, compassion, tenderness and fertility. The rose quartz is powerful & harmonious for our relationships & family life as they welcome an abundance of love and have a powerful effect to aid your emotional healing and heartbreak.It is closely connected to the heart and throat chakra. Use it in your water bottles, as jewelry or around your home.

Selenite Crystal

a beautiful, translucent crystal that invokes energies of healing, peace and inner harmony.This crystal protects us from bad energy while providing awareness & clarity, providing pure white light when we are facing any of life’s darkness.  It is one of the most sacred crystals throughout history and is closely associated with the crown chakra.

Natural Soap

This anti-inflammatory vegan healing soap made from tumeric, ginger & coconut milk nourishes the skin our largest organ as it balances out our PH levels and invokes a soothing feeling. Tumeric has anti-inflammatory properties while ginger improves bloodflow and has warming properties that can help give the skin a  vibrant looking shine. Coconut milk which contains lots of fatty acids also helps to maintain the skins natural hydration

Palo Santo Wood (2 Smudging Sticks)

Used for thousands of years by Native American communities for medicinal and spiritual benefits, palo santo is fantastic for clearing of negative energy, for purification of spaces as well as to release mold & dust from the air with it’s high resin content. Burn palo santo sticks to cleanse your crystals and purify your space before meditating, as well as to welcome love and good fortune into your space. The scent is also shown to reduce stress & anxiety.

Lime & Lemongrass Candle

The awakening energising benefits of lemongrass will clear the mind and bring feelings of clarity. Combined with lime for a zesty “wake me up” boost of positivity.

Online Sound Bath Meditation

Stephanie Looi a certified sound therapist will guide you to a place far away and use the power of sounds using ancient tibetan bowls to heal everything you’ve been holding onto and allow your energy to flow. The session is very soothing and restorative.

Online Guided Breathwork & Meditation

Remika who is a breathwork facilitator, will take you on a journey deep into your soul using the breath. This session will help you detox your mind, so you have less thoughts, calm your anxiety & feel an immense sense of peace

Mindful Guide E-Book: Reset Your Body, Mind & Soul

This ebook will serve as your daily & weekly guide on what to do and how. You’ll be able to follow the simple steps that take you through gratitude, meditation, breathwork, sound healing & more so you can continue to incorporate it into your lifestyle going forward.

21 Positive Affirmation Cards

Affirmations are an extremely powerful tool to help change the subconscious mind. These cards will help you feel empowered, boost positivity & invoke self confidence

ILash Pure Mulberry Silk Anti-Aging Eye Mask

This is a special offer only for the first 20 early bird customers! Retailing at RM 139, we know your eyes can benefit from the pure silk - it’s great for keeping wrinkles away and also for invoking a sense of luxurious relaxation.

ILash RM50-80 Gift Voucher

Enjoy more natural beauty pampering with gifts from iLash

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How our Self Care Essentials have Helped our Customers

“As I continued breathing as deeply as I fully as I could, I entered into a non-ordinary state of consciousness where I experienced a full range of memories & emotions that had been  repressed for a lifetime. This period was followed by the most blissful state of oneness, beauty and clarity, that I had ever known, a profoundly spiritual experience that is beyond words. This is all I’ll say about it here.” - Michelle Stanton

“Stephanie,I can’t thank you enough, to see my mom feeling so much better today after the treatment. I’m grateful. She had an appetite today and ate well for lunch, slept well, took her afternoon nap. Her face looks much better”

“I am still amazed by the experience I had in my first breathwork session. A feeling of weightlessness, floating with a loss of time along with micro sensations through my body are all a part of my first experience.  All this only through the breath! Makes one realise the importance of breathing! I am glad I came across Remika’s breathwork workshop when I did.” - Chhabi

“Working from home with young kids during MCO was really tough. I find that after a while, the pressure just piled on and it was super challenging to set boundaries between the demand of work and the needs of the family. I was glad to have been introduced to Bach flower remedies. Astonishingly, the remedy I took works wonders - my mood changed, I was more composed and peaceful and was able to deal with situations rationally" - S****** I 38

“Breathwork with Remika has been one of the best healing experiences I’ve ever participated in. On top of the amazing breathwork experience Remika holds, she is so warm, attentive & present during our sessions. The playlist she creates is incredibly moving & creates an even deeper space for healing. Every time I attend one of her classes I get so much powerful guidance from my inner wisdom & the Universe on what I need to integrate in the current moment in order to make big shifts in my life. I always leave feeling rejuvenated." - Angela Ocampo

“At first I was skeptical about the efficacy of of Bach flower remedies that my wife gave me. I was scheduled to have a big presentation to more than 300 people and was feeling a bit nervous. I mixed a couple of drops to my drink that morning and surprisingly it calmed me down and gave me the confidence boost that helped deliver my presentation smoothly” - K** I 42

After about 3 days taking the product, I get better sleep quality and it reduces mental fatigue. It helps with hunger suppression too. Thann you so much for your wonderful product. I want to let my kids take the product too in preparation for their coming exams :) “ - Sabrina, 43

“I did it this morning while repeating the affirmation in my head. What surfaced was scenarios showing that I have the courage to say no to things that do not serve me. Thank you !! - Yolanda I 29

Sorry we are sold out, Be the first to hear from us when we are back in stock