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 Discover This Unique Herbal Blend Passed Down Through Generations

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Pegaga by PurelyB is a healing blend of traditional Asian superfoods composed of some of nature’s most powerful herbs and fruits - Pegaga (Gotu Kola), Turmeric and Papaya leaf - now with pure green apples and dates for enhanced effectiveness and improved taste. This scientifically-proven, premium blend of antioxidant-rich herbs and fruits has extraordinary benefits, such as optimised health and strengthened immunity, skin repair and anti-ageing properties, improved digestion and gut health, and enhanced brain function and memory.

We’ve created Pegaga by PurelyB with a team of experts, including Dr Bodeker - an Oxbridge medical science professor and Hameeda - a local traditional herbalist to create our innovative, high-quality blend, making sure to retain the ancient formulation and preparation of these three natural herbs for the most optimal health benefits.

Used by rural women and bidan (midwives) for centuries throughout Asia to enhance, soothe, strengthen and cleanse the body for optimal health and beauty, these three elite herbs are organically grown and harvested in the remote rural villages where they have gained their reputations for beauty and medicinal purposes over many, many years. 

Chinese Medicine describes Pegaga, known as Ji Xue Cao 積雪草, as being bitter, pungent and cold and is useful for clearing heat from the body, promoting diuresis and removing toxicity. Turmeric, considered to be warming and known as Jiang Huang 薑黄, is used in Chinese Medicine to invigorate the blood, expel wind and remove stagnation from the body. Papaya leaf is neutral – neither heating or warming. And so in combination these three herbs balance each other and combine for optimal health outcomes. 


  • Traditional herbal blend of Pegaga (Gotu Kola), Turmeric & Papaya Leaf
  • Now with green apple & dates  
  • 100% natural, organic, plant-based & non-GMO
  • Free from processed sugar, gluten, dairy, preservatives & colouring  
  • Suitable for vegetarians & vegans
  • Contains premium ingredients for the highest level of effectiveness  


Retail Price = HKD 320 each 20% off for 1 = HKD 280 each  

See How Pegaga by PurelyB Helped This Mum & Yogi 

Ninie Ahmad, 31 Mum & Yogi  

"I would love to share my current favourite supplement and really - my lifesaver. Post giving birth to both my children, and for as long as I was breastfeeding (2 full years each child), I had severe and painful constipation - for two freaking years! The only drink that provided the most relief for me - was the herbal Pegaga (Gotu Kola) drink concoction that my traditional Malay 'confinement lady' (postnatal midwife) prepared for me when I was in my confinement.  

I don't promote things that don't work for me and for brands I don't personally use but seriously - especially for new mothers and those been struggling with slow digestion and also weight loss, do give this a try but you gotta down it religiously. PurelyB also just released a slightly sweeter version of this blend naturally sweetened with green apple + dates so the newer version would be better if you can't tolerate bitter jamu”

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How to Consume 

  • 1 month supply
  • Consume 1 sachet a day.
  • Take every weekday, 5 consecutive days in a week as per recommended dosage.
  • Simply mix 1 sachet into 200 ml of warm water or a drink of your choice.
  • Store in a cool dry place always use a dry spoon and use within 90 days of opening.
  • Do not pour boiling hot water or use lime with the product as it will reduce effectiveness .  

Experience the Powerful Benefits of Pegaga by PurelyB  

Pegaga by PurelyB’s unique formula - a powerful combination traditional Asian superfoods, including organic, antioxidant-rich Pegaga (Gotu Kola), turmeric and papaya leaf, and pure green apples and dates - has been used for centuries throughout Asia. And it’s no wonder; this amazing blend has been used for centuries throughout Asia. And it’s no wonder; this amazing blend can do a lot for your body, and it’s healing properties have been proven through years of scientific research.  

Optimises Overall Health & Immune System  

Pegaga by PurelyB’s natural blend of easily absorbed herbs and fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients, which help you fight off infections, and support your body’s immune system and overall health.  

Improves Skin Quality & Promotes Anti-Ageing  

The rich antioxidants found in Pegaga enhance skin repair by reducing inflammation and skin irritation, while the essential amino and fatty acids improve circulation, and stimulate cell growth and collagen production needed for skin elasticity, firming and anti-ageing. All of these factors lead to healthier, smoother, more radiant, youthful skin.  

Aids in Digestion, Gut Health & Fat burn  

Special digestive enzymes found in Pegaga support your body’s ability to properly digest food, resulting in a healthier gut! And due to its mild diuretic properties, Pegaga helps you to flush out excess toxins, ease inflammation in the gut, boost energy levels and promote weight loss, all while keeping your fluids balanced and nourishing your body.  

Supports Brain Function & Memory  

Pegaga activates the release of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a protein that acts as fertilizer for your brain, encouraging new brain cell formation, and improving your memory and mental cognition (e.g. learning, problem-solving, decision making). It may also help to reduce oxidative stress by eliminating free radicals in brain cells; thus, it has been used to treat disorders of the mind including brain fog, mental fatigue, anxiety, depression, memory loss, and insomnia.  

See How Pegaga by PurelyB is Transforming Lives

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"After a month of consuming pegaga, I can see the difference in my skin, looks and feels smoother. No marks from the allergy suffered earlier. My friends also complimented my face, saying it's glowing. I also feel lighter as pegaga aids in digestion. From there, I started to introduce this affordable traditional Asian superfood to family members and friends. And I have stocked up pegaga supplies, as the next batch only available in December 2019!"

Teh Mei Chin, Avid Supporter of PurelyB Pegaga

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"At first, I was skeptical about Pegaga, but I started taking the herb right after my pregnancy because my mother had told me that it is a great herb for my child's immune system. But then I realized that Pegaga had helped me in many other ways. I was energetic, and the recovery from my C-section was really fast too! I feel that Pegaga helped with my milk supply by producing a lot of colostrum. After my pregnancy, I lost about 8kg due to childbirth. With the Pegaga, I managed to lose another 15kg and have a significant improvement with digestion."

Nina , Entrepreneur

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"After my first pregnancy, my body didn't recover properly during the confinement. I couldn't lose weight and had no energy. For my second pregnancy, I got the help of Kak Ida, my bidan (midwife), who recommended the pegaga traditional herbs to help me get healthy quickly and gradually lose the extra weight. My body felt different, I felt healthier and had more energy than I did after my first pregnancy because of the traditional herbs Kak Ida gave me. It's so different than the usual modern supplements I took before."

Erin , Make-up Artist & Entrepreneur

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"Thanks to pegaga by Purelyb I feel very energised, my skin is youthful and glowing, even better than before and my immune system is great! I seldom get sick even when my son falles sick. I would reccommend this to everyone, it's made such a difference to my overall wellbeing."

Nik Ezrin, Entrepreneur

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"I've always felt lethargic and tired easily due to my poor health conditions. After consuming this traditional Pegaga-Papaya-Tumeric herbal blend by PurelyB I feel nourished, energetic and it really helped my body recuperate from the inside out iwas even able to lose weight I gained from my pregnacy and I noticed a significant improvement in my digestive health."

Stracy, Editor for Sin Chew Daily

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"I used to have digestive problems, but after taking Pegaga, I noticed that my digestion has improved a lot. Now when I pass motion it is really smooth. After giving birth to my children, I recovered quickly and had a lot of energy. Even breastfeeding was smooth and easy. An unexpected side effect that I am really happy about, is that my skin is now so radiant! I would definitely repurchase Pegaga in the future!"




Retail Price = HKD 320 each 25% off for 1 = HKD 280 each  


Estimated Delivery Date: June 2019  

International shipping available. For any enquiries please contact pegaga@purelyb.com

Learn About the Healing Properties of These Herbs - proven by Medical Experts

Pegaga (Gotu Kola), or Centella Asiatica 

The shining star of our traditional Asian superfood blend, Pegaga, also known as Gotu Kola or Centella Asiatica, is often referred to as the “miracle elixir of life” - and for good reason!  

  • High in vitamins and nutrients, including B-vitamins and vitamin C for overall health & wellness
  • Rich supply of phytonutrients and antioxidants, which help prevent cell damage and ward off disease  

Turmeric, Curcuma or Curcumin

Turmeric is a true super spice! A real treasure in the wellness world, turmeric, also referred to as curcuma or curcumin, hosts wonderful healing properties and health benefits  

  • Anti-inflammatory properties help keep inflammation at bay, and may significantly lower the risk of disease
  • Rich in antioxidants, which can prevent free radical damage & improve degenerative brain diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson's  

Papaya Leaf

Used as a traditional remedy, particularly for dengue infections, intensive medical studies prove papaya leaf to be an effective herbal cure for a variety of ailments.  

  • Good source of oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat found in heart-healthy avocados, olives and olive oil.
  • Plentiful essential vitamins and nutrients, including vitamins A, C, and B, iron, amino acids, sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium  

Green Apples

Known as a natural cleanser and detoxifier, green apples are great for digestive health, amongst other benefits.  

  • Good source of pectin, a soluble fibre known to reduce with cholesterol, and help with digestive issues like constipation and diarrhea
  • Rich in flavonoids and phytonutrients that help protect the body against infections  


A nutritional powerhouse - and natural sweetener! - studies have shown dates are close to an ideal food due to their wide range of essential nutrients and health benefits. 


  • High in soluble fibre - just ¼ cup provides 12% of the Daily Value for fibre - which is converted into prebiotic nutrition, supporting immunity and natural resistance
  • Contain heart-healthy potassium to support healthy blood pressure  

Explore the Science Behind Pegaga by PurelyB

Backed by scientific research and evidence, our powerful blend of traditional Asian superfood herbs is changing the way people all around the world incorporate health and wellness into their daily routines. In fact, Dr Gerard Bodeker, Oxbridge medical sciences professor and editor-in-chief of the World Health Organisation Global Atlas on Traditional and Complementary Medicine, touts our blend of Pegaga, turmeric and papaya leaf as the most powerful, beneficial antioxidant-rich leaves of the tropics. 

Dr Bodeker has dedicated years of his profession into the healing properties of these herbs and is passionately committed to working with PurelyB in making these herbs available to everyday consumers in the most optimal form and help improve their health long-term.

Learn How PurelyB’s is Commitmented to Social Impact & Sustainable Employment

Our mission goes far beyond just improving the lives and nutrition of our customers and readers; PurelyB is committed to improving the livelihoods of struggling, marginalised communities, and preserving the herbal industry in Malaysia and Southeast Asia as well. PurelyB is proudly creating jobs in some of the poorest communities in the region, including Narathiwat, Thailand, and soon, Malaysia. Working hand in hand with local women, we’re able to bring you the best, highest-quality product while making a positive impact on undervalued communities.  

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