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Healing with Food the Traditional Asian Way 


Pegaga by PurelyB

A Unique Blend Passed Down through Generations

Pegaga by PurelyB is a healing adaptogenic herbal ‘Superfood’ blend composed of some of Nature’s most powerful herbs – Pegaga (Gotu Kola), Turmeric & Papaya Leaf . The combination of these Traditional Asian herbs in this extraordinary blend have strong anti-aging, immune strengthening, energy lifting, mind strengthening and improved digestive system qualities. 

Used by rural women and bidan (midwives) for centuries in Asia for healing, beauty and longevity, these 3 elite tonic herbs are organically harvested in the remote rural villages where they have gained their reputations for beauty and medicinal purposes over many centuries.  

With ‘Pegaga by PurelyB,’ we’ve retained the ancient formulation and preparation of these 3 natural herbs in the most optimal Traditional Asian way, so you too can benefit from all their incredible healing properties - just as generations before us have done.  

A powerful "all-rounder" – this traditional Asian superfood blend is a must-have addition to your daily diet to support optimum brain, skin and digestive health and general well-being.  

Benefits: Immune system & Healthy body: Rich in vitamins and minerals - a natural blend of easily absorbed Certified Organic herbs, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, antioxidants and phytonutrients.

Skin Repair & Anti-Aging - Rich in antioxidants to reduce internal and external inflammation and help calm skin redness, irritation and sensitivity. It also contains amino and fatty acids, beta carotene and phytonutrients, that improve circulation, stimulate cell growth, increase collagen and fibronectin production, leading to improved skin and youthfulness. 

 Digestion & Fat Burn – It is a powerful antioxidant that also promotes fat burn.  

Brain function & Memory – Improves memory by ‘enhancing the activity of a pathway associated with long-term memory formation’. It has been used as a natural treatment to help the slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s.

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Who is it for? Suitable for anyone - adults & children - who wishes to experience the best of traditional Asian herbalism, and who desires to increase vitality, increase mental focus, improve immunity, skin, digestion and overall well-being.  


  •  100% Plant-based, Natural & Organic  

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The Healing Properties of These Herbs

Pegaga (Gotu Kola) - Known as the "Miracle Elixir of Life" throughout Asia and the "Fountain of Youth" in China, it is a small perennial herbaceous plant from the wetlands of Asia that can have remarkable effects on the body when consumed. This herb is also known as Centella asiatica, Pegaga, Brahmi, and Asiatic Pennywort. Pegaga (Gotu kola) has been used in ancient India and China for its powerful medicinal properties. It contains many nutrients including several B-vitamins, vitamin C and a handful of phytonutrients that supply it with antioxidants that prevent damage to your cells and help ward off disease. Read more 

Turmeric - has been a renowned medicinal herb in South Asia for centuries. Ayurveda has long prescribed turmeric for a number of health benefits - anti-inflammatory as it reduces histamine levels, is used as an anti-aging herb because of its excellent anti-oxidant properties, which can prevent free radical damage. It is even used as a dietary supplement believed to cure stomach ailments such as flatulence, bloating and appetite loss.  


Papaya Leaf - In Malaysia, using papaya leaves to treat dengue fever is a well-known effective traditional remedy, backed up by clinical research from the Malaysian Institute of Medical Research (IMR). This leaf contains many nutrients including vitamins A, C and B; iron, amino acids, sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. It also has potent antioxidant properties due to phenolic compounds, which are great sources of natural antioxidants. Read more  

Dates are a nutritional powerhouse, rich in antioxidants (polyphenols), vitamins and essential nutrients, including vitamin B-6, iron, fibre and potassium. Just ¼ of a cup of dates provides 12 percent of the Daily Value for fibre - and the soluble fibre in dates is converted into pre-biotic nutrition that supports immunity and natural resistance. Dates also contain more anti-inflammatory polyphenols than most other fruits and vegetables. The combination of heart healthy potassium and low sodium found in dates promotes the excretion of sodium and excess water, regulating blood volume and blood pressure. A great support for healthy skin and anti- ageing, the carotenoid anti-oxidants in dates helps preserve skin health , and can even act as UV light reflectors, blocking damage caused by the sun.

Apples are a great source of in important antioxidants, flavonoids, and dietary fibre. The phytonutrients and antioxidants in apples may help reduce the risk of diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease. Apples are also rich in vitamin C, a powerful natural antioxidant capable of blocking some of the damage caused by free radicals, as well as boosting the body's resistance against infectious agents. Great for digestive health, apples contain pectin, a soluble fibre known to reduce cholesterol and help with diarrhea and constipation. Moreover, apples perform as a cleanser and detoxifier, helping to flush out toxic metals including mercury and lead

How ‘Pegaga by PurelyB’ has helped others 

Nik Ezrin, 36. Entrepreneur, mother of 1

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Watch Professor Bodeker's Insights into the Science & Evidence behind these miracle herbs

To read more on the scientific research and studies behind the effectiveness of these ancient herbs click here

Professor Gerard Bodeker EdD, MA, MSc, BSc  

Professor Gerard Bodeker whose doctoral studies were at Harvard, researches and advises on traditional and complementary medicine and wellness. Professor Bodeker has held research and teaching appointments in Medical Sciences at Oxford University for two decades and holds a full professorship in Epidemiology at Columbia University, New York. 

He has been chair of the Commonwealth Working Group on Traditional and Complementary Medicine and worked with a number of United Nations agencies, currently serving as senior advisor to a UN University project on Asian traditions of nutrition. He has worked in Africa for more than two decades, most recently as chair of the intellectual property group of a four-year EU project on medicinal plant research and training. Read full bio 

About The Product

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Pegaga (Gotu Kola) by PurelyB

An “all-in-one” natural herbal superfood for optimal health, beauty and longevity, that can help create that precious balance our body strives for day after day.  

Our special formula passed down through generations, uses fresh organic Pegaga (Gotu Kola/Centella Asiatica), Turmeric and Papaya Leaf herbs, that can help regulate the immune and digestive system, improve brain function and memory, increase skin collagen and elasticity, promote fat-burn and provide powerful antioxidants. 

 400g net aproxx 60 to 80 servings 

How to Consume

  • Simply enjoy 1 tablespoon twice a day in warm water; drink with lemon and honey; or your favourite beverage or smoothie. Read more.
  • 1 container lasts for 4 - 6 weeks with the recommended dosage.
  • Store in a cool dry place always use a dry spoon and use within 90 days of opening.
  • Dont pour boiling hot water or use lime with product as it will reduce effectiveness.
  • Safe for children and adults. 
  • Powerful yet all-natural formulation  
  • Rich in antioxidants and enzymes.
  • 100% Natural, Organic, Plant-Based & Non-GMO 
  • Activated whole herbs  
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans 
  • Free from processed sugar, gluten, dairy, preservatives & colouring


  • Retail Price = USD64 each 25% off for 1 = USD48 each 30% off for 2 or more =USD45 each
  • Promo-code LAUNCH
  • International shipping available. For any enquiries please contact
  • Estimated Delivery Date: Early June 2019  

Disclamer: This product is not meant to diagnose, treat,cure or prevent ant disease.


After my first pregnancy my body didn’t recover properly during the confinement. I couldn’t lose the weight and had no energy. For my second pregnancy I got the help of Kak Ida, my bidan (midwife) who recommended the pegaga traditional herbs to help me get healthy quickly and gradually lose the extra weight.  

After my pregnancy I weighed 90kg, and thanks to the herbs I gradually starting losing weight until today where I weigh 65kg.  

My body felt different, I felt healthier and had more energy than I did after my first pregnancy because of the traditional herbs Kak Ida gave me. It’s so different than the usual modern supplements I took before.

- Erin, 32

I used to have digestive problems, but after taking Pegaga, I noticed that my digestion has improved a lot. Now when I pass motion it is really smooth.

After giving birth to my children, I recovered quickly and had a lot of energy. Even breastfeeding was smooth and easy.  

An unexpected side effect that I am really happy about, is that my skin is now so radiant! I would definitely repurchase Pegaga in future!  

- Diana

I was introduced to the herb Pegaga a year ago. At first, I was skeptical about Pegaga, but I started taking the herb right after my pregnancy, because my mother had told me that it is a great herb for my child’s immune system.  

But then I realized that Pegaga had helped me in many other ways. For example, when my girlfriends gave birth, they were feeling exhausted and their complexion was really dull. But I was energetic, and the recovery from my C-section was really fast too! I feel that Pegaga also helped with my milk supply by producing a lot of colostrum.  

After my pregnancy, I lost about 8kg due to childbirth, mostly due to breastfeeding. But with the Pegaga, I managed to lose another 15kg of weight and have a significant improvement with my digestion.

- Nina, 31 

Before and After

 I am a proud mother of 2 and during my first childbirth, I gained alot of weight and weighed 68kg. During confinement, I consumed Pegaga traditional herbal blend whilst getting traditional massages to help my body recover. I could see improvements in the months I took the Pegaga herbs. I lost about 10 kg, had great skin, and my overall health improved too. I then decided to share this goodness with my children. The results were incredible! Both of my children are now stronger and healthier.  

I will forever be thankful to everyone that had recommended Pegaga to me!

- Stracy,36



PEGAGA by PURELYB has been used s a traditional skin medication for centuries - and for good reason. Research has shown that Pegaga (Gotu kola / Centella Asiatica) is one of the most important anti-ageing, skin repairing, skin firming and anti-cellulite actives known today. It contains amino amino and fatty acids, beta carotene and phytonutrients, it is the perfect natural remedy to calm inflammation, hasten healing processes, improve circulation and even stimulate cell growth. These benefits naturally lead to skin rejuvenation, new cell growth and improving collagen production; which means skin looks and feels smoother. Read more


Another use of “PEGAGA by PURELYB” is to detoxify and aid in digestion. Due to its mild diuretic properties, consuming it helps flush out of excess toxins, ease inflammation, boost energy levels and instigate weight loss, all while keeping fluid balance even and nourishing the body.Read more 


“PEGAGA by PURELYB ” is also effective in enhancing antioxidant activity the body, which in turn helps alleviate inflammation. Protecting the body’s cells against inflammation can help prevent chronic diseases and inflammatory disorders such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and arthritis.  


“PEGAGA by PURELYB ” improves memory and mental cognition (learning, problem solving, decision making). It activates the release of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a protein that acts like fertilizer for your brain encouraging new brain cell formation. A study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease stated that the extract of the herb could improve memory by ‘enhancing the activity of a pathway associated with long-term memory formation’.Read more

Social Impact & Sustainable Employment

Pegaga by PurelyB produces organic and healthy herb products with a mission to improve the livelihoods of marginalised women and farmers in Malaysia and Thailand. Farmers in the Northeastern region of Malaysia and the Southeastern region of Thailand are amongst the poorest in parts because of their lack of demand and inefficient agricultural methods, and in part from not being able to move from being at the bottom of the agricultural value chain. Rising production costs are also contributors. PurelyB is working direct with farmers to give them full value for their products without these having to go through many layers of middleman.  


  • Cooling, bitter and sweet 
  • Calming and supportive to the nervous system 
  • Increases intelligence and memory (prevents senility) 
  • Immune fortifying 
  • Increases hair and nail growth 
  • Strengthening to the adrenals 
  • Aids digestion 
  • Increases fertility 
  • Known to accelerate wound healing both internally and externally 
  • Blood tonifying, circulatory and purifying qualities (often used for varicose veins) 
  • Skin cleansing (good for chronic skin conditions such as eczema, etc)  


  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Analgesic
  • Adaptogenic 
  • Anti-carcinogenic 
  • Anti-ulcerogenic 
  • Mildly antibacterial 
  • Anti-inflammatory 
  • Anti-viral 
  • Antiseptic 
  • Anxiolytic (Reduces anxiety) 
  • Cerebral tonic 
  • Circulatory stimulant 
  • Emmenagogue 
  • Febrifuge (reduces fever) 
  • Diuretic 
  • Nervine 
  • Vulnerary (treats and heals wounds)  

 See what Health Experts Around the World have to Say on Pegaga (Gotu Kola)


  •  100% Plant-based, Natural & Organic  

Retail Price = USD 64 each 25% off for 1 = USD48 each 30% off for 2 or more = USD45 each  

Promo-code: LAUNCH  

*For any enquiries please contact  

Estimated Delivery Date: Early June 2019 

  • For your security all orders are processed on a secure server. We do not store your credit card info. This is handled by STRIPE.