Transform Everyday Ingredients into Natural Remedies that Heal

100% Natural, Plant Based and Safe for Your Family

Care for yourself and your loved ones with the power of natural healing. Certified Naturopath Amanda Teh shows you how to use common kitchen ingredients to heal and prevent common ailments naturally and effectively.

 Why Natural Home Pharmacy?

In ancient times, when our great-grandparents fell sick, they would prepare remedies using herbs and plants from their backyard. These plants were more than just food but have amazing healing properties that restore our health and vitality. However, many of us living in the modern world have lost our connection with nature and its ability to heal. Now, with growing concerns on the abuse of over-medication and side effects of pharmaceutical drugs, more and more people are going back to their roots of natural based medicine. “But there’s so much misleading and conflicting information on the web. Who can I trust? Where can I learn about these remedies? How do I use these remedies safely and effectively?” That’s where we come in.  

Did you know a powerful herbal medicine chest is in your kitchen? 

From ginger and garlic, to cloves and pineapple… nature’s healing potential is practically everywhere! 

However, it’s important you know how to properly use these healing ingredients, from selecting the right ingredients to preparation and dosage. Some herbs can have a strong reaction in the body and too much can make you feel worse instead of better.  

We know it can be difficult and time-consuming to figure everything out on your own.  

That’s why we have done the work for you! 

Rediscover nature’s best remedies to heal your whole family

  • 100% natural
  • Time-tested remedies
  • Scientifically proven with real results
  • Designed by a certified naturopath
  • Safe for you and your family 
  • Plant-based  

Designed by one of Malaysia’s top certified naturopaths, Amanda Teh, Natural Home Pharmacy is your must-have guide on how to prepare 30 of the most powerful, safe and effective natural home remedies using simple ingredients that you can find in your kitchen. These are the same remedies Amanda has been preparing for years for herself, her family, friends and clients to help treat common ailments. 


Anyone looking for safe, natural solutions to support and care for their health. You don’t need to be a nutritionist, herbalist or trained professional in order to benefit from this program. We will guide you step-by-step with videos, ebooks and more on the basics and fundamental knowledge in making natural home remedies the right way. *Please note that the remedies in the programme are for adults. Some remedies may also be suitable for children aged 6 years and above. The remedies and the content in this programme are not meant for babies or toddlers below 6 years.


  • How to confidently prepare natural remedies using the foods, spices and herbs in your kitchen to treat specific common ailments, such as the cold, flu, migraines, constipation, PMS, and diarrhoea. 
  • How to use natural ingredients to build up the body's immune system, to promote long-term health and prevent illness.
  • How to identify symptoms and when it’s important to call a doctor.
  • Understand and identify the correct amounts and types of herbs and spices to use in order to prepare a safe and effective remedy.
  • How to effectively manage ailments and symptoms with diet and lifestyle recommendations.

  Come join us on the journey of healing herbs, spices and foods to heal and nurture your whole family!  


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10 Reasons You’ll Love Natural Home Pharmacy by Amanda Teh

  • We Work With Nature, Not Against It The natural remedies in this programme work by enhancing the natural physiological functions and stimulate the body’s ability to heal by itself.
  • Enjoy A Higher Quality of Life In addition to healing, these natural remedies will also increase your overall health and well-being by helping to prevent common ailments and diseases.
  • Safe and Effective You’ll know how to take better care of yourself and your family with safe and effective home remedies. 
  • It’s Delicious Healing through natural foods and remedies taste so good, from healing soups to popsicles and herbal infused syrups, even your kids won’t complain.
  • Heals the Root Problem Synthetic drugs only suppress your symptoms for short-term relief. Natural and plant-based medicine take a longer time to work but address the root cause and help you heal holistically. 
  • It’s Affordable Reduce medical bills and visits by treating acute, non-emergency situations at home.
  • It’s Easy These natural remedies are so simple to make at home with easy-to-find, affordable ingredients.
  • It’s Comprehensive No more guessing. You’ll learn everything you need to know on the causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment of common ailments, with step-by-step guidance.
  • It’s Convenient Access the programme anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. There are also downloadable e-books and video coaching.
  • Lifetime Support from a Certified Naturopath You’ll have lifetime support from our team of certified naturopaths and like-minded community members through our online community group. 


I’m a naturopath and mother of 4 and I completely believe in natural home remedies, it’s what I’ve been using on my kids since they were babies. I prefer natural remedies because there are no side effects yet it’s effective and I know exactly what I’m giving them, what’s going in their bodies. Like the natural remedy i make for them when they have a cough is very effective because it dissolves the phlegm, and prevents them from wheezing. I have tried doctor’s medicines in the past but they usually suppress the symptoms especially when it’s a viral infection but do not treat the root cause. Natural remedies have worked really well for me and my family and i would recommend everyone to try it too. - Dina, Kuala Lumpur

While I was working with Amanda on her Natural Home Pharmacy program, she introduced me to her Astralagus Chai Latte remedy. I had never heard of Astralagus before, but the latte was very tasty. Amanda taught me that Astralagus was an immune booster and works best at the first signs of cold. The next time I had that "oh-oh, I might be coming down with something" thought, I made myself a batch of the Astralagus Chai Latte. The next morning when I woke up, I couldn’t believe it. I expected to have the beginnings of a sore throat but I was actually fine! It was incredible! So a big thank you to Amanda for sharing this remedy! - Petra, Kuala Lumpur



Money back guarantee

30-day money-back and customer support guarantee

While we are confident in the quality of our programmes and the impact it will have on your life and well-being, we also want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your investment. That’s why we provide customer support and an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not happy with our programme.

Amanda Teh Certified Naturopath President of the Naturopathic Medical Association of Malaysia 

Meet your home pharmacy coach! 

Amanda Teh is a highly experienced and qualified naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist. Having gained her Naturopathy degree in Australia, Amanda is a qualified practitioner member of Naturopaths & Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA) and practitioner member of Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS). She has been practising natural medicine since 2008. She now runs a health products company, consults in her spare time and is the go-to expert on natural remedies and healthy eating for newspapers, magazines and TV programmes. Amanda is also the current president of the Naturopathic Medical Association of Malaysia. Read More.

What you’ll get

30 Educational Guidance Videos You’ll get 30 step-by-step Educational Guidance Videos on how to make each natural remedy for the most common ailments.

Downloadable Guides for 10 Most Common Ailments You’ll get downloadable e-book guides on everything you need to know about the top 10 common ailments, from symptoms and causes, to prevention and treatment.

Dietary & Lifestyle Tips Along with the remedies, you’ll also get dietary and lifestyle tips to improve overall health and well-being for yourself and your family.

Lifetime Access Enjoy lifetime access to everything in the programme. Even pass it on to your children so they can continue leading healthy lives!

24/7 Unlimited Community Support Access to private Facebook community group with unlimited support from our certified health experts and members

Money-back Guarantee Invest in your health risk-free with our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Why You Need This Programme

  • Learn how to take better care of yourself and your family with safe and effective measures, even kids aged 5 and above can enjoy. 
  • Increase overall health and well-being + help prevent common ailments and diseases.
  • Support the healing and treatment of health conditions through natural foods that taste good.
  • Reduce medical bills and visits by treating acute, non-emergency situations at home. 
  • So simple to make at home, using easy-to-find affordable ingredients. 
  • Lifetime support from Naturopath Amanda Teh and like-minded community members through our online community group.
  • Accessible anytime anywhere with downloadable eBooks and video coaching.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



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