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What We Do

Transforming Lives: Bringing Ancient Asian wellness and healing traditions from the Islamic world to the Global Modern Consumer

PurelyB is Asia's leading health and wellness lifestyle brand & community platform dedicated towards transforming people’s health and empowering sustainable healthy living. Backed by Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm, 500 Startups, PurelyB integrates digital wellness education with transformative health food products, merging Asian traditions in wellness with modern science. 

PurelyB’s unique health and wellness products are co-created with medical science experts and traditional healers to bring powerful Asian healing herbs, strong heritage and holistic traditions to the modern consumers globally.

PurelyB’s users today span worldwide, including Malaysia, Indonesia, USA, Australia and UAE

Also a social enterprise, PurelyB’s mission goes far beyond improving the health of the end consumer; the company is committed to improving the livelihoods of struggling, marginalised women communities and preserving the herbal industry in Malaysia and Southeast Asia - by creating jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities in the harvesting and production of their herbal products. 

Let’s transform people’s health and lives the natural way – with social impact! To learn more about what we do, visit us at

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The Problem

1. Due to unhealthy lifestyles and lack of education, health problems and incidence of chronic illness are increasing in Asia. More and more, consumers are seeking natural and alternative methods of prevention and healing, from the foods they eat to their beauty and personal care products to their lifestyle as a whole. But making the change to a healthier lifestyle can be a struggle due to the perceived high cost and lack of availability. Consequently, many don’t know where—or how— to begin.  

2. Traditional Asian healing practices—including the use of tropical herbs and fruits for health, wellbeing and longevity—have long been used for centuries throughout Asia. However, these practices have gotten lost amongst the younger generation and have yet to become a mainstream global health solution. As it stands, there is no existing, trusted or credible brand in the current health and wellness market advocating these ancient alternative herbal remedies in an appealing and accessible manner for the modern consumers.

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The Opportunity

1. The use of medicinal herbs as an alternative method for prevention, healing, well-being and beauty is growing worldwide. There is tremendous untapped potential for ancient Asian health and wellness products in the form of traditional herbal foods and remedies which have been scientifically-proven to be as effective and more affordable than conventional healing modalities. Our traditional Asian health products, like Pegaga by PurelyB, offer a powerful blend of local superfoods to address common health issues—including immunity, digestion and skin health —at an affordable price, making it easier for people to lead healthier lifestyles. 

2. With PurelyB’s strong community, brand equity and content platform, we have a unique ability to make these traditional Asian health and wellness solutions accessible, appealing and affordable for the modern consumer. In doing so, not only do we help in the prevention of these long-term health risks, we bring Asian heritage and tradition to the forefront of the global wellness industry.


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The Market Opportunity

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The Solution

Over the last four years, PurelyB has built a strong and engaged global health-conscious community of 4.5 million users, empowering them to live healthier lives with trusted content and digital solutions created in partnership with credible nutrition, fitness and mindfulness experts.

In 2019, we have expanding our holistic health and wellness offerings to provide traditional Asian health food and beauty products at an accessible pricepoint and easy-to-consume form for all consumers.

Working with traditional healers, herbalists and medical scientists, we launched our proprietary debut health product, Pegaga by PurelyB—a powerful superfood blend of antioxidant-rich Pegaga (Gotu Kola), turmeric and papaya leaf, habbatus sauda, green apple and dates for improved digestion, strengthen immunity and enhanced skin health with overwhelming demand.

All our products are plant-based, natural and sustainable, based on ancient tropical medicinal herbs and remedies used for centuries for healing in Asia, passed down through generations. For the Asian community, these products enable more familiarity, accessibility and affordability. 

With our content-driven approach, we’ve been able to educate our community with expert information first, then provide trusted solutions in transforming their quality of life in today’s modern toxic world with powerful, centuries-old Southeast Asian healing herbs and remedies.

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Competitor Landscape

The first of it’s kind in the market, PurelyB is the ONLY brand that integrates digital content with traditional Asian health products from a holistic lifestyle approach, for the modern global consumer. 

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Our Traction

● 4.5 million+ worldwide unique users in four years ● 200K Monthly Active Unique Users Today, with our solutions in helping consumers in the prevention of long-term health issues, we're able to achieve a greater purpose in preserving SE-Asia's herbal industry, improve the livelihoods of marginalised communities in employing them in the creation of these products, whilst bringing Asian heritage and tradition to the forefront of the global wellness industry.

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Key Achievements

2015 ● PurelyB was one of only 20 startups in Malaysia selected for the prestigious Stanford Technology Ventures Programme in Silicon Valley. ● PurelyB was awarded as one of Red Herring International’s Top 100 Startups in Asia—a list honouring the year’s most promising private technology ventures in the region. ● Secured USD$500K seed investment led by Silicon Valley’s 500 Startups ● ‘PurelyB was listed as one of Tech in Asia's Top 14 Startups in Malaysia 2016 ● PurelyB CEO, Jesrina Arshad, was featured by Tracxn—a global tech and data company for startups—as one of the top women founders in Southeast Asia. ● PurelyB acquired, the largest yoga community platform in Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong. 2017 ● Secured USD$800K investment from internal investors (VCs) and through equity crowdfunding investment. 2018 ● Won ASEAN-BAC’s Rising Entrepreneur of the Year Award by Malaysia’s Prime Minister at ASEAN@50 Achievement Awards, hosted by the Asean Business Advisory Council (ASEAN-BAC) honouring 10 Malaysian companies and individuals. 2019 ● Winner of the SE-Asia Round of SoGal, the largest Global Pitch Competition for Women and Diverse Founders. ● Soft-launched PurelyB's proprietary traditional Asian health product, Pegaga by PurelyB—a traditional healing herbal superfood drink based on a proven ancient recipe passed down through generations. ■ Our first 250 units SOLD OUT in first 2 weeks with zero advertising ● Achieved 1,400+ unit sales of Pegaga by PurelyB’s traditional Asian superfood product in the first 12 weeks of sales from 700+ customers across eight countries worldwide, including US, Middle East, Australia, ■ Earning RM300K (USD$80K) in gross sales with only RM14K (USD$4K) spent on advertising ■ High marketing ROI of 2000%!

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Use of Funds

Market Expansion & General Admin: Singapore, Indonesia, Middle East, Hong Kong and China; Includes strategic acquisitions for regional expansion  

Tech & Infrastructure: Data and analytics, seamless content-integrated e-commerce, build personalised user-health journeys  

Product Development & Content Operations: Product R&D and expansion includes infrastructure and operations of product supply chain and production

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Target Audiences & Market Focus



2019/2020: Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Middle East 2021/2022: US, China FUTURE: India, Australia 

Our Revenue Model


Traditional Asian health food and natural beauty products leveraging ancient Asian wellness rituals and herbal remedies passed down through generations for optimal health, beauty and longevity; all plant-based & halal-certified.  

● Online health programmes to holistically complement the traditional Asian health food products; online video coaching programmes with community support to help guide users towards improving their health and adopting healthy lifestyle changes from diet to nutrition, mindfulness, fitness and overall wellness, catered towards Asian cultures and lifestyles.  

● E-Commerce (B2C): monthly subscriptions, bundles  

● B2B: distributors, affiliate & wholesale

CORPORATE PARTNERSHIPS ● Package fees for educational health and wellness workshops, brand association and co-creation of content featuring their brand/product, and to tap into our health-conscious community and social media channels. 

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Leadership Team

Jesrina Arshad 

Co-Founder & CEO

10+ years in the Digital Media and Content & Marketing industry. Former Head of Digital Marketing at ASTRO, South-East Asia's leading provider of media and entertainment. Founded PurelyB as a result of overcoming health issues (caused by gluten, dairy and processed-food allergies), through holistic wellness lifestyle remedies.

Stephanie Looi  

Co-Founder & COO

12+ years in digital advertising at Asia’s top media agencies: GroupM & Universal McCann, a leading digital talent in the SE-Media Industry.  

Dr Bodeker Wellness Director (Medical Sciences)

Harvard-trained Medical sciences professor at Oxford University & &olumbia University for 20 years. Chairman of the Global Wellness Institute for Mental Health and Alternative Medicine & &s the ifounding Chair of the Global Initiative For Traditional Systems (GIFTS) of Health, Oxford, UK.

Hameedah Hamid  

Traditional Malay Healer and Herbalist

20+ years experienced and gifted traditional Malay healer and midwife, helping thousands of women across the region heal particularly pre and post pregnancy with her ancient traditional asian herbal remedies passed down through generations.

Carina Lipold  

Wellness Director (NLP, Nutrition & Fitness Coach)

NLP Practitioner Pilates Coach and Obesity Trainer, with a Masters in Health Management. Provides health consulting services across four different regions & 3 continents.

Tarunjeet Singh  

Chief Technology Officer

14+ years Engineer Previously Development Head at Bharti Airtel (India Largest Telco). Responsible for technical direction, standardizing system architecture, establishing SDLC best practices.